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Sup my peoples! XD  So classes are done for the summer for me and my grades are frickin sweet~  So happy about that, but besides that I just returned a couple days ago from a road trip/camping trip out east with my crew/club.  Didn't know the people too well before, but now?  I'm so happy to have them as friends :D  They are my people XD  Crazy, weird and fun.  Just like me ^^

So the trip consisted of like a six day trip, two of which were driving.  Two cars, 8 people.  We drove like 16 hours to like the most north tip of New York from good ole Wisconsin.  We decided that was a mistake aka should've like broken it up to like two 8 hour drives, but oh well :shrug:   Live and learn.  So by the time we finally got to the place we were staying at, it was 1:30 in the morning....and snowing Angry Papyrus  The other people in my car, decided screw this shit, we're not putting up a tent in this bullshit-ery, we'll sleep in the frickin car thank you very much.  Buuuuuuuut that wasn't needed since the family friend of our advisor, let us sleep in her house :Big eyes:  My thoughts at the time: 'Thank you, you kind, loving beautiful person you.  You are a saint' happy cry XD   And better yet?  We got to sleep in! Other days? Not so much, but no biggie.  Second day we hiked up a mountain.  The trail wasn't too steep, buuuut that meant it was longer of a hike = about 9 miles up and back.  We had planned to stay the night up at the top, but that did not happen, thank god.  Imagining hauling my shit up there and braving the 20 degree weather plus like 20ish mph wind? I would've cried Llama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1]  But! It all turned out fine, hiked up, took some pics before my fingers froze, ate lunch, then hiked down and stayed on the nice ladies backyard.  Oh and I'll post the pics I took during this trip soon too :)  Next day, woke up, packed up and headed to Fort Ticonderoga.  I'm not one of those history buffs or really enjoy history much, but it was definitely cool to look around this place and hear some stories.  After that we took a ferry to Vermont to stay at yet another sweet, kind woman's house.  If I could, I would stay with her and her husband.  Their place was sweeeeeet as hell.  But seriously, the lady?  Again, a frickin saint :angel:  Cooked us breakfast, dinner, etc and what was even better....she let us shower... I almost cried.  Quickest shower ever but still, a shower on a trip where we didn't think we'd be showering for like a week? A god's send.  That was after the hike up the second mountain though.  So this mountain was only 2.4 miles up (= about 5 miles total up and back), buuuuut it was soooo much steeper and rockier too.  But I lived!!  My ankles are a bit sore and shitty still, but I did it!  And the view was phenomenal.  Like holy shit Wow! wow.  Totally worth it.  It was so awesome to come back though and grab a shower and then have lasagna cooked.  That I love her so much. She is so kind and sweet X3   So hoping we get to see her again.  Anywho, after that night we headed out to see West Point and USMA, before seeing George Washington's headquarters, which again, not a history buff, but it was wicked cool to see.  Our final night we stayed on this property by a monastery with a house that wasn't being used for the summer.....annnnd decided it was a haunted house.  Gave that creepy vibe annnnd a door opened and closed by itself upstairs O_o  Like nope! Glad we weren't staying in the house.  Our advisor stayed in it though, and he was fiiine the next day, psh, all good ^^;  Anyway, next morning, packed up and head out for another 14 hour drive home.  So yeah ^^  Loved the trip can't wait for next year and will be posting the pics soon.  Very soon, I promise ^^


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I always suck at these things, but here goes nothing. Let's see....I guess art is more of a hobby except sometimes I wish it could be more than that. Mainly into photography and drawing with some random projects here and there. Definitely one of those people; "I might seem shy at first, but once you get to know me, I do the craziest shit," yeah, I think that definitely applies. I love music! Love, love, love! I used to play flute, can now amateurly play guitar (trying to get better by self-teaching) and normally have music playing from my speakers, iPod, Computer, phone pretty much 24/7. Sometimes I think I'd be dead without music. I am big into movies; so much so I quote them on a almost daily schedule. Annnnnnndddddd.......I can't think of anything else at the moment


Sunset Tree 2.0
Another design idea I redid from my gallery, but instead of just having access to photoshop, I had access to illustrator and made it soooo much better than the first one ^^  This was my piece de resistance for the poster sale :D  All pictures used should be in my gallery still, maybe a few that I have in my personal file, but really am so excited with how well this turned out compared to my first attempt at the idea ^^;
For those that have gone thru my gallery before, you probably recognize this XD  I doodled "bored" in many different ways in my notebook buuuut now I turned it into a poster/illustrated version.  Even made stickers ^^
Earth, Sky, Fire
Another poster design XD  Normally the quote = "Earth below me, sky above me, fire within me"  I just wanted to make it a foursome with the pics since my attempts with just the three didn't work out well ^^;  Feet on the ground, sky above, fire within, nothing's going to stop you :D  All pictures were used from my photo gallery that's on here as well :)
Not all who wander
The second idea I had for this picture = Not all who wander are lost.  I know it's probably a bit cliche of an idea/done a lot, but couldn't help it :D  Kinda looks like a postcard XD
Feels Good to be Lost
Annnnd another poster design ^^;  Actually made two designs with this picture (one I took when we climbed Camel's Hump last summer) both dealing with the theme of lost.  This one = "It feels good to be lost in the right direction"


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